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"It was great to learn her character building exercises to add to my own routine. I love how she explained the differences between the methods of great teachers and how to apply them."

I loved Michelle's positive energy and her patience with every person's question and personal abilities. I would have loved to have known that the workshops were geared more towards people who had never taken acting classes before or were unfamiliar with how the industry works - I think I may have been better suited for an intermediate class as a lot of the information presented I was already aware of or was very comfortable with. However, the workshop was still valuable to me because it meant that I felt like I was going in the right direction, although I wish I was a little more challenged. There was a lot of technology snafus, and waiting around for those small things to be corrected.



"Thank you so much for coming to teach in Hawai’i!!!!! I really really enjoyed your class. I learned soooo many things that I will be applying to my acting life, and my real life. My favorite thing you said was to do things when you dont want to do them, because it builds strength. I applied that to myself this morning to do all of my laundry and chores... because I didnt want to, but by doing it, it gave me strength and I felt so much better afterwards. Mahalo"

Despite being a fully novice aspiring actor. I thought her class was easy to work with and provided very much insight into information of the business. She was very much an open book and was willing to answer any questions. Truly beautiful and genuine intimate vibe altogether. Thank you for everything Michelle.

"She challenged participants to tap into the individual and unique emotional “triggers” which can allow for a character to be more vulnerable and relatable. I enjoyed those exercises because they were thought provoking."


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