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Coach Mike with Hey! I Saw Your Commercial

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You will learn the 'HISYC Method' ("Hie-zik"). It is the fast-forward, specific, content rich, results driven formula for massive success in TV Commercials.


Agent Meeting/1st Call Audition Prep: Mastering Freezing Cold Reads w/cue cards and copy in hand.
✔ Script Analysis:  Understanding and masterfully executing the 3 types of commercial copy (Problem-Solution/Solution/Slice of Life).
✔ Commercial Copy Improvisation:  How to create original auditory dialog instantly on demand.
✔ Personality Slate Interviews:  How to develop instant visual and auditory rapport during improvised personality interviews.
✔ Group Improv:  How to develop rapport and create original dialog during Group Improv.
✔ Callbacks/Mastering The Producers Session:  How to "Book the Callback"/Mastering The "3 Frames" in the casting room (What Producers are really looking for when you enter the room at a Callback session).
✔ Working On Set Preparation/Making The Cut:  You will learn the 16 reasons why Actors end up not making the cut and end up on the editing room floor in post production. Understand how to avoid these costly mistakes that rob you of earning residual income. 


Marketing Excellence/How To Identify & Sign With A Top 50 Commercial Agent: The correct way to professionally shoot and prepare your Headshots / Resumes / Postcards / Business Cards & Cover Letter so they stand-out in the mail, and online castings.
Agent Meeting Guidelines:  How to have a successful “Power Meeting” with Agents knowing what questions to ask, questions not to ask, and how to respond beautifully to challenging questions asked by most top Agents. You will also learn 3 things not to mention in the meeting that will cause the Agent to not want to sign you.
✔ Agent Meeting Follow-Up: How to properly follow-up with an Agent after a meeting that usually gets the Actor signed. Not knowing and executing this simple skill can lead to failure in the Actor signing with a Top Agent!
Getting Castings Without An Agent:  How to properly market to the Top 50 Commercial Casting Directors and secure auditions via the Top 3 Casting Services used by Commercial Casting Directors.
✔ Wardrobe Casting:  The Product matching P&G Clothing & Colors that look best on-camera.
✔ Post Audition Follow-Up:  The #1 Business Skill that produces future castings more rapidly.


    2 day commercial intensive with Coach Mike


    All sales are final. No refunds. This is a one-time workshop with a Los Angeles acting coach. There are no make up days for this class. 

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